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 My Poem Entitled " I Love You More Than Words Can Say"

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Anthony Hoxter

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PostSubject: My Poem Entitled " I Love You More Than Words Can Say"   Sun Jun 22 2008, 20:58

I dedicate this poem to my Girlfriend, Amber Coney

I love you more than words can say.
You are the one for me more than you can see.
I only wish i could be by your side.
Your the only one that makes me feel alive.
You know of the words i speak of you are true.
Because im in love with you
I dont know what i did
To deserve a girl as amazing as you.
You are like a pretty rose in a garden
You are as beautiful as the sun in the sky
You are as important as the air i breathe
I will never leave you, even on the day i die
I Love You

By Anthony Hoxter
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My Poem Entitled " I Love You More Than Words Can Say"
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